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Rooftops.Queen Victoria Street,Cape Town with Nicola Visser, Gita Galina & Noah Rudolph

SOMAPHORE was initially conceptualised by Nicola Visser as a response to the mountain spine of Cape Town and notions of safety, access, visibility and heritage. Together with Hannah Loewenthal this work is currently finding ways in which to look at the bodies' place and placing the body within the urban landscape,An analogue body communication across space rather than a digital or virtual performance. Somaphore (body – messaging) from  Semaphore – a naval flag code used at sea. YOU LOOK;THEY LOOK .Broken continuity. Hidden visibility.


"Somaphore is about the tragedy & exhiliration of miscommunication." Nick Shepherd.Assoc Prof. of Archaeology and Heritage Studies, Aarhus University Denmark

Photo credit (selected): Alice Buckley